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wisdom of crowds

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weekend field trip

I had the great privilege of giving my little LibraryThing for Libraries talk at my LIS alma mater this weekend. GSLIS West (the Mount Holyoke-based extension of Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science) is a coterie of devoted, demanding faculty and curious, dedicated students. Professors reminded us regularly that we were future colleagues […]

three hundred and sixty degrees of excellent

Wow, how did I miss this one? Thanks to the Freakonomics blog, I just joined Data360. Think Statistical Abstract of the United States meets human interest surveys conducted by newsmags and add a bunch of other countries and some social networking features. I just glanced over the Using Data360 page to see how it works.  […]

crowded house

A reporter from the local paper came in today to look at LibraryThing for libraries. Somehow the topic of Despair.com came up and I mentioned having had coffee from a mug that said “Meetings: None of us is as Dumb as All of Us.”  Later on, I said that the great thing about the Suggestions […]