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JMO, HTH! Social Networking in Academic Libraries

Jamie W. Coniglio Computers aren’t technology Internet >TV Reality is no longer Real Gleaners- No one does Outlines Connection is essential Zero tolernace for delays Multi-Tasking is way of life Doing more important than Learning Consumer/Creator are blurring. Thinking of your info needs, which fits your lifestyle- Library 24% Online is how new generation communicates- […]

time’s on our side (sometimes)

It’s a moot point now, but last week a library listserv discussion revolved around whether or not to purchase DVDs in HD or Blu-ray format. Posters pointed out that these souped-up DVDs are just an intermediate step and downloads will probably wipe out discs altogether. Other folks responded that relying on downloads was leaving behind […]

literacy is hawt

If you want to get a librarian’s attention, mention information literacy. Or just call us super sexy. Either way, we’ll listen. Peter Bromberg points to (and Chadwick follows up on) a great post at ReadWriteWeb that predicts a future where super sexy librarians help a growing number of citizen media producers to classify their online […]

how much for that widget?

Library 2.0 is about people, not about technology. That’s the mantra of the moment, right? And it’s even mostly true. Libraries are making changes to their rules, hours, services and organizations that embrace radical transparency and trust and meet our patrons were they are, not where we want them to be. People are the foundation […]