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New Post at TechSource

I don’t believe in Information Overload. Over at TechSource, I’ll tell you why… I never quite got the hang of believing in Santa. Flying reindeer seemed suspect to me, but the real problem I had was the speed at which he made it around the world, in and out of all those houses and back […]

i iz blogginz

There’s been a lot of speculation about the slowdown in blogging, both in and out of libraryland. There may be a deeper cause, some underlying malaise, but sometimes a cigar is just a smoke. And sometimes bloggers are really busy, you know, doing the work they usually blog about. I suspect blogging comes in waves- […]

radio silence

I’m winding down in Danbury and getting ready to take a break before starting in Darien. Some link love on the topic of job transition in lieu of a real post. I’ve been paying careful attention to Helene Blowers’s excellent posts on her recent changes. I’m anticipating that “drive by lobotomy” feeling and looking forward […]