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Nice library, jerk!

Over at Joho the blog, David Weinberger tells a brutally honest story about meeting a guy he didn’t like. He realized that the problem was not the person he met, but his inexplicable response to him. And it makes me wonder how often the people I don’t like I don’t like because I don’t like […]

are librarians culturally self-aware?

ALA Midwinter turned out to be the ultimate hallway conference for me. I am not on any committees, councils, roundtables or other official cliques, so Midwinter meant discussion groups and a lot of informal chatting, standing around and swilling wine. At Sunday night’s blogger salon, I got the chance to chat with Andrea Mercado, whom […]

tagging 1.0

Are we in competition with bookstores? I would like to pretend we’re not, but we are. Not as directly as, say, they are with each other, but it’s there. We don’t do the same things, true, but as the OCLC perceptions report tells us, the library is books as far as everyone else is concerned. […]