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PO blues

Public service has turned me into a difficult customer. I have high expectations and I’m totally unapologetic about it. I’m very understanding when the computer’s slow, when the receipt printer flakes out, when it’s super busy and everyone’s running as fast as they can. I get it: it’s my life, too. But, boy, do I […]

Nice library, jerk!

Over at Joho the blog, David Weinberger tells a brutally honest story about meeting a guy he didn’t like. He realized that the problem was not the person he met, but his inexplicable response to him. And it makes me wonder how often the people I don’t like I don’t like because I don’t like […]

customer service mind, beginner’s mind

Thanks to Linda Braun, Louise Berry, Alan Gray and probably a few other people, the first thing I read this morning was an article on Amazon’s surprisingly wonderful customer service. The author relates his Christmas tale of a stolen Amazon package containing a Playstation for his son, his desperate call to Amazon and Amazon’s Christmas […]