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The Library Without Us

I am fortunate to live relatively close to my job, though I am less fortunate to live in a place where distance is meaningless in the face of unbelievable traffic. Audiobooks are the salvation of the carbon-spewing, vehicle-bound commuter. I’ve just started listening to The World Without Us. I avoid highways when I can and […]

CiL wrap up

Computers in Libraries was, as per usual, a great conference. It was wonderful to meet so many twitterfolk in person and the entire trip was a lovely mix of interesting sessions and librarian cocktail hours. Catching up post-conference has meant no time to post. A quicky overview is in order. I had the great fortune […]

evolving the library

First of all, thank you thank you thank you for all of the lovely comments, tweets and emails! It’s been a real “magic of the Internet” kind of week. Several people have commented on my killer new title. What can I say? Only at Darien, people. What was Reference became Information Services will be Knowledge […]