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Standard disclaimer: Blogs are frequently called “throat clearing” and I like the think that applies here; I don’t speak for my library on my blog. Meta disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer, have no legal training and I don’t know how to properly write a disclaimer.

Here’s my boring bio, because I’m sick of digging through my email to find it:

Kate Sheehan is the Open Source Implementation Coordinator for Bibliomation, a consortium of public and school libraries in CT. She has been the Coordinator of Knowledge and Learning Services at Darien Library and the Coordinator of Library Automation at Danbury Public Library, which was the first library to implement LibraryThing for Libraries. Prior to joining Danbury Public Library, she was a technology and reference librarian at both Hamden Public Library and the Ferguson Library in Stamford, CT. A graduate of Smith College, Kate’s post-college experiences in the corporate workplace inspired her decision to get an MSLIS from Simmons. She finished library school in December of 2003 and has been happily ensconced in the public library sphere since then. When she’s not coordinating, she blogs at loosecannonlibrarian.net and ALA TechSource.

Sometimes, I write for paper publications:

CT Libraries March 2009 (PDF – page five for the article on Darien Library, page eleven for Technology column)

“Creating Open Source Conversation,” Computers in Libraries February 29. 2 (2009): 8+

CT Libraries November 2008 (PDF – page seven)

CT Libraries September 2008 (PDF – page eight)

CT Libraries March 2008 (PDF – page eleven)

CT Libraries November 2007 (PDF-page seven)

CT Libraries September 2007 (PDF-page eight)

NetConnect sidebar (under fantastic article by John Blyberg) July 2007

CT Libraries March 2007 (PDF-page eight)

CT Libraries November 2006 (PDF-page five)

I have never actually been called a loose cannon.