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A rant about training (in which I shamelessly ask for training advice!)

“This is why we can’t have nice things!” has been my favorite thing to harrumph lately. Said to my dog, it has a literal meaning (oh, the shedding and the slobber). Said apropos of nothing out loud in my (shared) office, it usually means I’ve read something about libraries that makes me want to scream […]

Happy links!

I am so excited about these links that I think they’re worth a real post. First, the self-promotion. We’re For You, Not Against You: A Librarian’s Take On E-book Lending is this week’s Soapbox column in Publisher’s Weekly. As you might have guessed, I am said librarian, as those of you who know me can […]

and another thing…

I had a lovely chat with the excellent Linda Braun (I just typoed that as “Linda Brain” which works, too) yesterday and talking with Linda about these issues helped me more clearly articulate some things that have been nagging at me in all of the ebook hullabaloo. (As a side note, Linda and I are […]