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On Libraries

“As one surveys the mighty array of sages, saints, historians, scientists, poets and philosophers whose treasures we will never be able to admire — still less enjoy — the brief tenure of our existence here dominates mind and spirit.” I have a new post at ALA TechSource about learning, collies, and technology.

On Boycotts and Readers’ Rights

Today on Twitter, LizB asked for a link to a post explaining the HarperCollins boycott, ALA bill of rights, readers rights, etc. and how this is different from other “don’t buys.” I don’t know if she found it, but I told her I’d give it a whirl. Here goes. Initially, I was put off by […]

Really, HarperCollins?

My dog turns nine this year. He’s my library dog – I started library school shortly after Cooper came bounding into my tiny apartment, hellbent on stealing my roommate’s bras. My puppy’s graying muzzle made me realize that I’m not a new librarian anymore. So forgive me this little trip down memory lane. Lo these […]