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My slides from Conferencepalooza 2010

The downside of using very picturey slides is that I don’t think they can stand online on their own, which means that “post slides” slips (and slides ) further down my “to do” list every day. I was fortunate to give several presentations about my slice of Bibliomation’s Evergreen project at Computers in Libraries, Connecticut […]

Long Weekend Links

Via the wonderful CogSci Librarian – Clay Shirky and Daniel Pink talk about our cognitive surplus. Also from Wired – Science’s PR problem (rather like that of librarianship). For my green-thumbed friends on this long (U.S.) weekend – Wired’s guide to terraforming your yard. Since everyone’s into the Librarians do Gaga video, here’s a discussion […]


Some not so library-related links Fake Science – ever wonder how magnets work? Yeah, this isn’t going to help you. Unhappy Hipsters – who lives in Architectural Digest? These sad, hip people. Marmaduke Explained – some NSFW language explaining the eternal question: “how is Marmaduke still in the paper?”

oh, facebook

Facebook link roundup: MoveOn shows what used to be private. The Times has an article and astounding graphic. Reclaim Privacy has become a big deal and provides some neat tools to check your privacy settings. danah boyd’s excellent rant.