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Last day links

Peter Bromberg has interesting things to say about the Learning Experience. Polly explains that the moon can, in fact, be blue! Twitter can make you happy!

Links for December 30, 2009 – the Get Smart Edition

The Daily Beast has a list of 25 ways to get smarter in 2010 ALA Learning suggests we get feral (via @pbromberg) The ever-resourceful Polly’s 2009 oeuvre William Poundstone dissects the tricks a menu uses to get you to buy a big, expensive pile of fish. Real lede: William Poundstone has a new book!!

Kibbles and Bits

A few small matters: I have a new post up at ALA TechSource about skills that deteriorate (and develop) with the use of technology. Kathy Sierra said nice things about libraries on Twitter (and the ass-kicking Kathryn Greenhill had the presence of mind to blog it), which was heartening and lovely to hear – it […]

links for December 28, 2009

LoC digitizes fragile things (via @gcaserotti) Personal Weeding (via @buffyjhamilton) A Graphic look at the decade (via someone on Twitter) Wired’s Top iPhone apps for 2009 A detailed analysis of a photoshopped image (via Boing Boing)


OLPC reveals tablet concept


The entire known universe (via @dweinberger)

a must read

Cory Dotorow’s How to Destroy the Book

Some things I’m reading

Evergreen’s OPAC plays well with others/ GPS gets us lost/ Facebook cited quite a bit in divorce cases/ Gale has an iPhone app!

A small happiness to share…

Working for a consortium makes for a different day than working in a library. I am mostly past the obvious differences (though I still catch myself looking for approaching patrons sometimes) and have started to appreciate some of the unexpected benefits of consortial work. Profiling meetings, for example. Libraries that are joining up need to […]