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Internet Librarian 2008- Slides

Here are my slides from Internet Librarian. Keynote and my laptop had a moment of epic fail and I gave my presentation without notes. My slides are pretty much all picture, so here’s the bullet point version of what I said. Edit: I realized the PDF cut off some of the photo credits, so I’m […]

New Post at TechSource

I don’t believe in Information Overload. Over at TechSource, I’ll tell you why… I never quite got the hang of believing in Santa. Flying reindeer seemed suspect to me, but the real problem I had was the speed at which he made it around the world, in and out of all those houses and back […]

PO blues

Public service has turned me into a difficult customer. I have high expectations and I’m totally unapologetic about it. I’m very understanding when the computer’s slow, when the receipt printer flakes out, when it’s super busy and everyone’s running as fast as they can. I get it: it’s my life, too. But, boy, do I […]