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The Library Without Us

I am fortunate to live relatively close to my job, though I am less fortunate to live in a place where distance is meaningless in the face of unbelievable traffic. Audiobooks are the salvation of the carbon-spewing, vehicle-bound commuter. I’ve just started listening to The World Without Us. I avoid highways when I can and […]

CiL wrap up

Computers in Libraries was, as per usual, a great conference. It was wonderful to meet so many twitterfolk in person and the entire trip was a lovely mix of interesting sessions and librarian cocktail hours. Catching up post-conference has meant no time to post. A quicky overview is in order. I had the great fortune […]

Innovative Marketing using 2.0 Tools

Helene Blowers and Michael Porter Everybody is interested in marketing. 2.0 tools are about conversations Brand. What is the library brand? Often is logo, always is books (Cindi’s book pic!) Old paradigm: control look and feel of brand this is still part of approach New paradigm: influence character and portability of the brand Chick-fil-a Show […]

Tech Tools for Effectively Managing Information

Links will be on wiki page- Roger. cil2008-techtools is delicious tag. RSS creation tool SendMyRSS mobile, outook Adobe Kooler color palette generator share color palettes with others. big flash application can set base color and pick types of palettes from there (monochromatic/triads/etc) desktop version too- Mac, Win, Lnux widget, sidebar tools. good for inspiration. works […]

transarency, planning and change: see-through libraries

Michaels Stephens and Casey Chris Andersen article Naked CEO Used to be everything came from PR department filtered you knew it was coming from the PR dept. now everyone has a blog. everyone blogs about what they’ve done right and (more interestingly) what we’ve done wrong. Superintendent in CM county. blog apology for a survey. […]

the I word

Helene Blowers “We keep talking about tools, but how do we get change, how do we get innovation?” how do we move our organizations forward? Tony Tallent dir of youth and outreach of PLCML Imaginon Team! Tricycle Music Fest last summer New initiative with staff called Deal Day (Drop Everything and Learn) How you put […]

keynote shanachie tour

keynote- the Dutch Boys video of the tour if the books go away, what’s left? we are good at making stories in delft, there’s a public library that’s trying to stay one step ahead and they give kids equipment to make their own stories. tons of equipment in the RV- you can tell a good […]


LSW a year old. Twitter conversation about ALA and everyone’s broke and we can’t participate in ALA. We should make our own ALA that would be free. LSW was born in PBwiki and then meebo! Josh Neff does not mind being upstaged by porn. Steve Lawson: LSW is a conference every day! membership is diverse […]

collaborating with customers

NIST. researchers hugely broad mission Information Services Division partners with NIST through entire knowledge creation cycle. Major customers are labs in variety of disciplines Physics labs have Nobel prize people, but manufacturing lab is very industry oriented. liaison program getting to know you…getting to know all about yoooouuuuu! targeted collaborations- in-depth lit searches, information analysis, […]

Going local in the Library

Haiku intros from Michael Sauers. Charle Lyons. Baby and a toddler make him tired and happy. Notes annotated by his three-year old. Local information- what about our backyard? The death of distance. Global is local online- easier to get info about space shuttles than your neighborhood online. Google maps- find 4k barbers in the area. […]