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JMO, HTH! Social Networking in Academic Libraries

Jamie W. Coniglio Computers aren’t technology Internet >TV Reality is no longer Real Gleaners- No one does Outlines Connection is essential Zero tolernace for delays Multi-Tasking is way of life Doing more important than Learning Consumer/Creator are blurring. Thinking of your info needs, which fits your lifestyle- Library 24% Online is how new generation communicates- […]

Changing Content for Metadata Management

Karen Calhoun Before the Web vs After the Web Loosely coupled metadata management, reuse and exchange services. records no longer hand crafted one at a time. We didn’t make all of our own metadata. Metadata is wicked cool. Tim O’Reily article We need to embrace links between metadata silos, remixing and reusing metadata. We need […]

Emerging Trends and Tools that Make Your Online Life Easier

Changing the Way Libraries Do Business Conference Jenny Levine Trends Trend 1: the Box. No more Front Page, time off the desk to update. Type in a box, click publish. Blogs not emerging, there here. Blog with student essay on the College (of DuPage?) with comments from parents. Hosted by the library. More and more […]