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flights online

flightscreenshot Originally uploaded by itsjustkate Delta’s flight tracker features a mashup of Google maps and FAA data. The only way this could be cooler is if the people on the plane could see it as well. Metanote: I’m testing out Flickr’s “blog this” feature.

time’s on our side (sometimes)

It’s a moot point now, but last week a library listserv discussion revolved around whether or not to purchase DVDs in HD or Blu-ray format. Posters pointed out that these souped-up DVDs are just an intermediate step and downloads will probably wipe out discs altogether. Other folks responded that relying on downloads was leaving behind […]

radio silence

I’m winding down in Danbury and getting ready to take a break before starting in Darien. Some link love on the topic of job transition in lieu of a real post. I’ve been paying careful attention to Helene Blowers’s excellent posts on her recent changes. I’m anticipating that “drive by lobotomy” feeling and looking forward […]

some housekeeping

This is less a blog post and more of a PSA. On Sunday night, I was checking my bank account online and noticed a charge for $2.95 from bestsmartstore.com. I had never heard of that site before and didn’t recall buying anything online for $2.95. I Googled the address (feeling rather like all those Internet […]