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Sam’s club?

It seems that many people are not fond of the term “Library 2.0” and dislike of the phrase is often listed as proof that it’s a. silly and b. all about technology and technolust. I am neutral on the phrase Library 2.0, but I don’t like the word “embolden”. Hearing it can often cause me […]

interesting is the new perfect

Luckily for us, libraries are not high-end retailers, restaurants or vacation spots. We’re not selling anything fancy, there’s no fine china to fret over and no Bikram yoga room to maintain. We don’t have to be perfect, which is freeing for us and a great place to start from. Seth Godin blogged earlier this week […]

are librarians culturally self-aware?

ALA Midwinter turned out to be the ultimate hallway conference for me. I am not on any committees, councils, roundtables or other official cliques, so Midwinter meant discussion groups and a lot of informal chatting, standing around and swilling wine. At Sunday night’s blogger salon, I got the chance to chat with Andrea Mercado, whom […]

customer service mind, beginner’s mind

Thanks to Linda Braun, Louise Berry, Alan Gray and probably a few other people, the first thing I read this morning was an article on Amazon’s surprisingly wonderful customer service. The author relates his Christmas tale of a stolen Amazon package containing a Playstation for his son, his desperate call to Amazon and Amazon’s Christmas […]