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efficient inefficiency

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. I’m all for the holiday, for a little mid-winter joy for the turning of our rather arbitrary calendar system. But another revolution around the sun doesn’t provide enough impetus for me to declare a personal revolution. Most resolutions are hour-by-hour affairs, not watch-the-ball-drop-and-it’s-a-new-me overnight sensations. This may be […]

skimming the Surface

Hugh MacLeod’s Christmas Day post on the Surface came floating through my post-cooking-and-devouring haze with a big neon sign on it screaming “Pay Attention to Me!” But remember, Microsoft Surface is just in its infancy. Right now it’s just about $30K coffee tables. But give it ten years, it could be something much more cheaper […]

literacy is hawt

If you want to get a librarian’s attention, mention information literacy. Or just call us super sexy. Either way, we’ll listen. Peter Bromberg points to (and Chadwick follows up on) a great post at ReadWriteWeb that predicts a future where super sexy librarians help a growing number of citizen media producers to classify their online […]

evolving the library

First of all, thank you thank you thank you for all of the lovely comments, tweets and emails! It’s been a real “magic of the Internet” kind of week. Several people have commented on my killer new title. What can I say? Only at Darien, people. What was Reference became Information Services will be Knowledge […]

changes afoot

March will come in like a lion for me this year, and likely keep roaring all month. On March first, I’ll be joining the staff at Darien Library. I’ve had a wonderful time at Danbury Library and feel fortunate to have worked with the lovely people there. I’ve gotten a great education in building innovation […]

copy cat(alog)

I love using other people’s really good ideas. David Lee King embedded a meebo widget in his catalog’s 404 equivalent. So, I copied him. Great music videos and a nifty improvement to the catalog- thanks, David! I see this “No Entries Found” page on our in-house catalog-only machines all the time. When I mentioned at […]