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Stephen haz a bucket

Over at his lighthouse, Stephen Abram has very helpfully broken down the various social tools now at our disposal. He mentions (oh so casually) that he is finding it helpful to distinguish between social networking and social content. That’s a tall order, especially as the tools get more sophisticated. The list and examples he gives […]

how much for that widget?

Library 2.0 is about people, not about technology. That’s the mantra of the moment, right? And it’s even mostly true. Libraries are making changes to their rules, hours, services and organizations that embrace radical transparency and trust and meet our patrons were they are, not where we want them to be. People are the foundation […]

pre turkey day silliness

Mashable delivered this endlessly amusing toy to my feed reader today: I can haz timesuck?

the kindle: a resounding “meh”

Everyone’s been buzzing about the Kindle. I watched the video this morning along with, well,  everyone. I want to see the e-paper screen, just to see if it really is the cure to eye strain and Everything That Is Wrong With Computers. I like the concept, but I’m not wild about the execution. First, the […]

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tagging 1.0

Are we in competition with bookstores? I would like to pretend we’re not, but we are. Not as directly as, say, they are with each other, but it’s there. We don’t do the same things, true, but as the OCLC perceptions report tells us, the library is books as far as everyone else is concerned. […]

Carnival of the Infosciences 83

Welcome to the 83rd Carnival of the Infosciences. Let’s get right to it, shall we? From Frugal Panda: 17 Ways to Get Free Books posted at Frugal Panda. Sadly, the library didn’t make the list; the sites are a mix of ebook and swap sites. The Panda concludes that “whether you are interested in ebooks […]

in case you were wondering.

Much as I believe in the right to anonymous blogging, it’s time to come clean. I am the Annoyed Librarian. It’s tempting to believe that the AL is like Santa, living in each of our hearts, coming out whenever we feel a rush of aggravation with a co-worker, another blogger, a twitter pal, a Library […]

the gray lady loves libraries

We’ve all complained endlessly about the image of libraries and librarians in the media. Whenever a library adds a DDR program, the local stories are usually breathless puff pieces announcing the startling discovery that the library is no longer the domain of bunned, stamp-wielding shushers and is now run by gamers who encourage noise. Then […]

Carnival of the Infosciences

Time is running out! I need more submissions for the next Carnival of the Infociences! (I tried to find the clip of Marge as a clown and Homer yelling “You’ve stood in my way long enough! I’m going to Clown College!” but YouTube only had this, in several languages.) Edit: YouTube clip was messing up […]