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the orchestra and the library

I’ve been picking away at Small is the New Big, which is sort of a printed and bound blog (oh, isn’t there some neologism for these? Blook? Ew- can’t say I’m a fan of that word). It’s good for lunchtime reading, in that short short short story way. So far, my favorite bit is a […]

IL envy

I can’t wait to read everyone’s Internet Librarian blog posts and whatnot. Twitter has been a great source for as it happens updates on sessions, dinners, and keynotes. It seems Joe Janes is talking about Reference 2.0. I hope there’s a podcast! This is a topic near and dear to my heart- I went to […]

Carnival of the InfoSciences!

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen (how many COTI posts begin that way? I’m guessing… all of them) for Carnival of the InfoSciences #83! Submission guidelines ask that you please have everything in by 6pm (Eastern fall back time) Sunday, November 11. Use this form to submit your posts, links et cetera. Don’t forget, you […]

weekend field trip

I had the great privilege of giving my little LibraryThing for Libraries talk at my LIS alma mater this weekend. GSLIS West (the Mount Holyoke-based extension of Simmons Graduate School of Library and Information Science) is a coterie of devoted, demanding faculty and curious, dedicated students. Professors reminded us regularly that we were future colleagues […]

Hobson’s libraries?

Several weeks ago, I caught an episode of Engines of our Ingenuity, an NPR segment that usually highlights a semi-famous or ought-to-be-famous figure of science. It’s one of my favorite bits of radio in the morning, though it usually indicates I am late for work. This episode was a little less historical, a little more […]


This past Monday, I went to NELA’s 2007 conference in Sturbridge, MA, a place I had previously associated with regular school field trips. The conference was lovely and like Jessamyn, I’m really impressed by the blog, flickr and links to presentations. Since I’m late posting, here’s a link to the NELA blog entry on our […]

more about the survey

A few things about the ongoing survey (yow! librarians really like to talk about listservs): Mea culpa on question nine! Shoulda been checkboxes. PhpESP says I can’t change an “active” survey, so we’re stuck with it. It occurred to me that there’s a pretty big flaw in methodology here. As Dominique noted in the previous […]


Linda Braun and I are doing a survey about listservs and keeping up professionally. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s chock-full of vitamins*. Take it here: http://loosecannonlibrarian.net/surveysez/public/survey.php?name=listserv (sorry for the ugly link!) *provided you take a multivitamin while you take the survey.