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Do you anthropomorphize your computer? I used to discourage the “ooh, it’s cranky” school of explaining technical problems. But then I found myself having the same conversation over and over again: “Why won’t this work? It’s worked before!” “Um, well, I don’t know, but here’s a way to make it work.” “But it worked before […]


When I give my little LibraryThing for Libraries song and dance, I usually start out by talking about LibraryThing, so everyone can see where the data comes from. I like to show a member page, since the whole point is that it’s socially created and shared information. Usually, I use wafflehouse as my example, largely […]

to balance out my earlier whine…

One more reason to admire Karen Schneider: who else could get great pieces published in Nerve and CIO within a two week period? I haven’t read CIO in a while and I’ve read Nerve on and off for most of it’s ten year history. An article in either one is nothing to sneeze at, but […]

odds and ends

Darn it! I was so hoping that the student loan forgiveness would actually be useful. Rachel Racusen, a spokeswoman for Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, one of the bill’s sponsors, says, “The bill provides loan forgiveness for public service workers after 10 years of service and loan repayment, which will rightfully reward millions of workers for […]

things i learned today: the heat wave edition

Here are some things I learned today: When your day starts with a reminder that you are the librarian in charge for the day and shortly after that you discover a plumbing problem, it will probably not be a good day. State guidelines on how hot a building has to be before it should close […]

flap flap

Dare I weigh in on the Mudflap Flap? Sure, why not? First off, yes to everything over at Free Range Librarian. The only response that isn’t going to be called uptight and anti-sex is “cool!” Like everyone else has said a billion times, this isn’t occupying my every waking thought or anything. But it’s out […]

since people have been asking…

I’ve been circling some ideas about LibraryThing for Libraries lately; listening to some of the excellent talks at The Future of the ILS in Illinois got me thinking about LTFL as starter innovation. The talks in IL operated largely around the assumption that our patrons are outpacing us technologically. As conventional wisdom, this is right […]


Happy talk like a pirate day, everyone! Thanks to Cindi via Twitter for the icon shop.

what i learned in IL

Back from the land of Lincoln! Here’s what I learned from the Future of ILS symposium: If you give Karen Schneider a joke biography, she will use it (I am surprisingly tall and I do like smoked cheese, though). Librarians like arson jokes. Live blogging is fun, but my hands get cold and I make […]

the OPAC sucks

Except now it’s called The OPAC: Where we Stand, Late 2007. K.G. Schneider Access 2007- preconference plug- how to skin an OPAC. Why do we care about our OPACs? “It’s okay to consider making our OPAC special” -Blyberg Why do catalogs suck? Pogo-we have met the enemy and he is us ELM- “the reason relevance […]