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the synesthete’s universe

Everything is Miscellaneous is proving to be the nostalgia book of the month for me, and I’ve barely cracked the spine. The Greek and Early Christian ideas about a perfect, universal order to the cosmos got me thinking about my library nerd book group. We met a few weeks ago to talk about Ambient Findability […]

summer reading- Potter, some light physics, and EiM

Saturday was Harry Potter day, which means I put on my “bad librarian” hat and bought the book first thing in the morning. Just before HP7 was released, I got a copy of Everything is Miscellaneous in the mail (thanks, Tim!) which has been tempting me even in the middle of Harry-mania. EiM is clearly […]

printed with permission…

This month’s NetConnect is centered around the Social Catalog, and its release was conveniently timed to our LTFL debut. I wrote a sidebar to John Blyberg’s must-read article on open APIs (go, now, read it). My little sidebar is down at the bottom of Blyberg’s article. I asked for and received permission to post the […]

welcome to the club! I’ll be showing you around the screw-up area.

Hooray! More LibraryThing for Libraries libraries! Bedford, Waterford and Deschute have gone live. We’re all pretty geographically diverse, but we should meet up for virtual drinks sometime. I’ll be sending you all your secret decoder rings. Since our little club is expanding rapidly, perhaps this is a good time to share my Friday evening adventure. […]

Mr. BunBun!

Hilarious, 30-second, bunny reenactments of movies. Mr. BunBun would be proud!

snake oil for sale!

On the way home yesterday, I was listening to the Faith Middleton Show, which is a local NPR talk show. Faith Middleton is pretty nifty- every day is a different topic. She has a book show, a gardening show and the food schmooze. Yesterday’s show doesn’t appear to be on the site yet, and I […]


Pattern Recognition (I’m behind in Bloglines) made my day with Fault LOLs!


Evidently, we’re all hipsters now! Thank dog someone cleared that up!

n00bs are people too

Well, I sort of fell off the Internet for a few days. It’s nice to step away from the screen sometimes and I guess I needed a break. Plus, you know, I’m busy. And we’ve had some stellar weather lately. I’ve been thinking a lot about faith in technology lately. I found myself telling funny […]