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podcast lessons: part one

Just off the phone with Taipei people interested in LibraryThing for Libraries. And Syndetics, actually. Great fun and a good test for VOIP. I’ve been working this week on my library’s very first podcast. I’ve learned more than one new thing today. Recording is best done far away from the audience. I sat in the […]

Wooly Mammoths and Web 2.0

I’m slogging my way through The Black Swan right now. It’s very good and very interesting, but it does not lend itself to the cobbled-together twenty-five minutes a day I get to read bound, printed material. I’m not done, but that doesn’t preclude a blog post, does it? Nah. Several books I’ve read lately have […]

A couple quick things

A YouTube version of Wired’s future artifacts page. At some point, I’ll write more on this. Right now I just want to know: Has Andrew Keen ever been to an archive? He should have to spend a year writing finding aids for collections of personal papers.


I never did like summer camp as a kidlet, but I’m so excited for LibraryCamp NYC! I missed LibraryCamp East last year (I had an excellent vacation instead, so I don’t even feel bad about it), so this will be my first unconference. Hooray! I signed up to blab about LibraryThing for Libraries some more. […]

CLC comes over to play

Shortly after we went live with LibraryThing for Libraries, CLC asked me to give a little talk to other CT librarians about LTFL. I said yes and then instantly thought, “What on earth am I going to say? LibraryThing did all the work!” I managed to cobble something together and I used Jessamyn’s style-sheet driven […]

what about those $100 laptops?

Interesting article on Slate today about Google’s Microsoft killer, Google Gears. Online apps have made the OS less important than it once was. Interoperable software helps, too. Being able to take it offline is certainly going to push the migration to 2.0 type sites in lieu of expensive software packages even more. But will that […]

GSLIS West takes over LJ

W00t! The most excellent CogSci Librarian has an article in LJ! I was never lucky enough to take a class from Stephanie, but I scanned all of the student evaluations from her first year and a half (or so) and made them into PDFs. So I can tell you this: she is universally adored by […]

Hidey, a good girl 1996-2007

Hidey was part of my family’s strange venture into dog shows. It was fun, but some of us (read: all of us) like to sleep past 4 am on weekends. We love our dogs, and it’s great to spend time with them, but the dogs like their weekends free, too. Hidey was a beautiful dog […]

three hundred and sixty degrees of excellent

Wow, how did I miss this one? Thanks to the Freakonomics blog, I just joined Data360. Think Statistical Abstract of the United States meets human interest surveys conducted by newsmags and add a bunch of other countries and some social networking features. I just glanced over the Using Data360 page to see how it works.  […]


LibraryThing developer John has started his own tag-aggregating service called TagsAhoy. I think we’ll be seeing more sites like this one- sites that let users work and search across all their respective online accounts. Facebook’s app explosion is a great example of the need to unify our online data and identities.  I signed up for […]