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for the rest of us

Creative Think has a great post- Design for the Other 90%. “The world’s cleverest designers cater to the globe’s richest 10 per cent, creating items like wine labels, couture, and Maseratis. We need a revolution to reverse this silly ratio.” So says Dr. Paul Polak who runs International Development Enterprises, an organization helping poor farmers […]

must see misc video

First of all, I’d like to say how much I love three day weekends! Something about knowing I have Monday off makes it that much easier to get stuff done and still find time to play. Does grocery shopping take longer on two day weekends? I think it might. I’ve had time to unplug for […]

meebo rooms

Does anyone else think it’s funny that chat rooms are the new hot thing? Chat rooms were the first thing I used online. In 1991ish (I think). Whenever it was, it was on a Mac SE and it was all text. I had one friend with email (he was the one who got me online) […]

one more…

How could I forget my most favorite reference question from the “this is so obvious” camp! Recently, I had a patron ask to access Archie and Veronica! Best reference question ever! He was so casual about it, it was hard not to say something like, “Oh, of course, I just need to see your library […]

camp reference

I’d like to float a little theory about reference work and library patrons. I like to make up little theories that pretty much never hold up, but they keep me entertained. Folks with reference questions can be (for the most part) put into one of two camps: those who think their questions are really strange […]

twitter is so (about ten minutes ago)

Well, it’s official. Twitter is no longer cutting edge- I heard a story about it on the radio this afternoon.  Of course, I’ve never been a cool kid, so I’ll keep using it (it’s digital crack, people). I couldn’t stop giggling when they interviewed the Twitter user who talked about working on some home renovations […]

tagging@your library?

Yow! The response to LibraryThing for Libraries at my library has been amazing. I can’t wait to see our catalog stats for this month. Of course, the first thing everyone wants to be able to do is add tags themselves. After listening to Tim and the PennTags folks at CiL, I questioned the wisdom of […]

funability in our catalog!

LibraryThing for Libraries is live in our catalog! Tim’s explanation of LTFL’s inner workings is great and he says nice things about me and my lovely library. Now that I’m done blushing, I’d like to say nice things about LibraryThing for Libraries and the wonderful people who work there. The entire process has been very […]

where does your library subway go?

I just spent about an hour running around the library with a few other people looking at how to rearrange our computers so we can have more computers. It’s all very future-tense right now, but something we kept coming back to was the idea that we shouldn’t make people run all over the place for […]

adding to the blogroll

I fell down a rabbit hole of non-library blogs today. From Boing Boing, I followed the link to the One World, Many Treats doggie-based explanation of Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics. From there, another post on the same blog about bunnies made of cheese. This is clearly why I was deprived of a […]