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wow. I signed up for Twitter a while back, but it’s no fun alone. I started using it a couple of days ago (once I learned that Emily and Maura were there too) and today I found out that alone is temporary on Twitter (librarians are all voyeurs, so I’m loving it). I tried Rochelle’s […]


Oddly enough, that was my grandfather’s nickname. Where has this software been all my life!? Like many libraries, mine only offers computer training during the day. Screencasting seems like a good way to bridge that gap. Wink is about to become my new best friend, I can tell. Thanks to the parent website (debugmode) I […]

lessons from a guy named Warren

Warren Avis died this week. The strangeness of hearing a personal name that has become a corporate name re-associated with the original person aside, I was surprised to hear about his accomplishments in customer service. Avis was the first to offer rental cars at the airport. The conventional wisdom was that people would not want […]

library quiet?

I just saw a lexus ad that claimed the lexus suv was “library quiet.” They said it twice. I find this unreasonably amusing. Maybe what they mean is that the SUV is big enough to fit all the noisiness of a library in it?

long range planning notes

I have my little list of things I’d like to get done by the end of the year, but that’s not a long range plan. The list looks nice on the mission statement- expanding services with podcasting, rss feeds, et cetera et cetera et cetera. But long range? Nah, it’s more like next week. Last […]


Post-CiL, I took a few days to play. Now it’s crazy catch-up time! I’m thinking a lot about the common themes of CiL- everything’s beta, libraries working collectively to achieve big projects et cetera- and trying to come up with something useful for my department’s part in the long range plan. Since I don’t have […]

everything 2.0

I think I’ve hit the conference wall- I am ready for a nap and a day to go through websites and collect my thoughts. The overall focus of the conference has been on Web 2.0 stuff. It’s very cool, it’s very hip, I’m into it. But that’s sort of the problem. I’m already into it. […]

guerrilla librarians!

Yow. My brain is full. Some highlights, but nothing in depth for now. I started with Rebecca Jones (who I had never seen before, but I was correctly assured she is wonderful) and Organization 2.0. Excellent. She talked about changing the structure of the organization in order to adapt and collaborate and keep up with […]

searching for/with alternatives

i spend the better part of every day of my working life looking at a computer screen and using the web, so you’d think i’d be right up speed in terms of what’s new in the world of web search engines. but like a lot of you, i’ve come to rely on google to the […]

one more thing…

I’m a real blogger now- the spam comments have officially started. If you need to know where you can find badly spelled pharm e cuticals, let me know.