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libraries: restoring your faith in humanity since 1833

One of the 9 gajillion posts about Kathy Sierra’s troubles came from Steven Hodson on WinExtra. It’s a little cynical and a lot true. it all boils down to a simple fact that given the chance a large portion of our society is made up of people who love to attack others. It isn’t nice […]

I’m troubled by the recent controversy surrounding fantastic tech blogger Kathy Sierra of Creating Passionate Users. She’s received threats of death and sexual violence on her own blog and on other sites. I can’t for the life of me imagine why. I can see disagreeing with her, but she’s not exactly blogging about a hot-button […]

library show

I am way behind on my library reading, so maybe this has been out there for a while, but an art contest about libraries! http://www.notaboutthebuildings.com/libraryshow.html Looks like it’s a sort of activist art contest to support the Providence Libraries. From the main page of the site- Providence is facing the closure of most of its […]

user-driven is not always user-developed

Sunday’s New York Times had an article on user-driven innovation. It focuses on scientific and medical equipment with a smattering of video games, which is a little bit disappointing but also inspiring. Inspiring because: one of his studies found that 82 percent of new capabilities for scientific instruments like electron microscopes were developed by users. […]

those crazy kids!

How do millennials do it? If email is for old people* (and I can’t even begin to count the number of kids I’ve helped who clearly have an email account only because they need one to sign up for MySpace) then how do kids keep up? I’ve had a recent explosion of social networking in […]

ebooks not screeny enough

A great analysis (okay, it’s not really analysis, more like a collection of thoughts and musings) from Cory Doctorow (of Boing Boing) about why ebooks don’t work and why we’re lying when we complain about reading off the screen. Every time I hear someone complain that they don’t like reading on the screen, I want […]

tax time!

I’ve been reading the tax-related posts on Publib with interest. Taxes are such a lightning rod for, well, everyone. In particular, for libraries, taxes are a “put your money where your mouth is” issue. Tax time forces us to suck it up and remember what it means to provide good service even when it drives […]

minor frustration

Man, do I need a php class!!

vision, mission, values

My library is in the throes of Long Range Planning planning. We’re working on the basics of a long range plan (with a consultant) and we’ve started with values, vision and mission. I have been pressed for time and didn’t devote as much energy to this as I should. Fortunately, my colleagues did and produced […]

TV writers spend a lot of time online…

I called my mother yesterday only to catch her in the middle of a bought of hiccups. Caller ID meant she knew it was me and could answer the phone despite the hic-ing. That and a generational disconnect that dictates my own slacker attitude about answering the phone and her almost militant insistence that the […]