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On stereotypes and the echo chamber

I believe I’ve found a marginally useful purpose for spam comments. While removing ads for various pharmaceuticals or warnings about the dangers of live blogging (no, really), I occasionally glance back over an old post or two. While this is often a little painful, I’ve found myself returning to this post about cultural self-awareness regularly […]


If you’ve ever met me in real life (or read a few of my tweets), you’ve likely heard about my dog. I like to work my dog into my presentations. And I like to tell goofy Cooper stories. But watching my dog is often an object lesson in behavior and adaptation. He’s not the brightest […]

Callooh! Callay! It’s Evergreen day!

Today was a big day in Connecticut! The Beacon Falls Public Library became the first public library in the state to go live with an open source ILS. The Douglas Library of Hebron will go live on Monday. I spent the day at Beacon Falls watching the staff there rock Evergreen and helping them get […]

Library Monsters and Lady Gaga

Yesterday, Justin the Librarian tweeted this post about loyalty and Lady Gaga. Justin, Toby Greenwalt and I started talking about a name for library fans. Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters” which helps to create a culture around Gaga fandom (including a clawed salute, evidently) and has proved to be the basis of a […]

yes, and…

At our best, librarians are often an… overly enthusiastic bunch. We’ve all kept looking for sources long after our patron has left the building/phone call/chat session. We’ve all turned a simple question into a booklist/handout/webpage for our members. And because we’re interested in quality over quanitity, we have a lot of “yes, but” conversations. “I’m […]

Kibbles and Bits

A few small matters: I have a new post up at ALA TechSource about skills that deteriorate (and develop) with the use of technology. Kathy Sierra said nice things about libraries on Twitter (and the ass-kicking Kathryn Greenhill had the presence of mind to blog it), which was heartening and lovely to hear – it […]

A small happiness to share…

Working for a consortium makes for a different day than working in a library. I am mostly past the obvious differences (though I still catch myself looking for approaching patrons sometimes) and have started to appreciate some of the unexpected benefits of consortial work. Profiling meetings, for example. Libraries that are joining up need to […]

Continuing to be excited about open source…

My last post was originally a monstrously long post. I ran out of time to finish and just posted part of it and before I start my new gig at Bibliomation, I’m clicking “Publish” on the rest of it. I’ve been talking with a lot of folks in libraryland about what makes a library go. […]

Getting excited about Open Source…

Okay, I’ve always been excited about Open Source, but I’m amping up my fangirl status. Starting in November, I’ll be joining Bibliomation’s Open Source Project. Bibliomation has chosen Evergreen for its future ILS and four small Connecticut libraries have signed on for the pilot project. Two of those libraries are in the more rural area […]

Auditing Kindness

Corporations have The No A**hole Rule, but the motivation and measurement in a for-profit is always the bottom line. The a**hole in the office makes a lot of money, but holds everyone else back with toxic behavior. Fire him, and everyone else steps up their game and increases earnings. Profit provides a reason to hire, […]