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Long Weekend Links

Via the wonderful CogSci Librarian – Clay Shirky and Daniel Pink talk about our cognitive surplus. Also from Wired – Science’s PR problem (rather like that of librarianship). For my green-thumbed friends on this long (U.S.) weekend – Wired’s guide to terraforming your yard. Since everyone’s into the Librarians do Gaga video, here’s a discussion […]


Some not so library-related links Fake Science – ever wonder how magnets work? Yeah, this isn’t going to help you. Unhappy Hipsters – who lives in Architectural Digest? These sad, hip people. Marmaduke Explained – some NSFW language explaining the eternal question: “how is Marmaduke still in the paper?”

oh, facebook

Facebook link roundup: MoveOn shows what used to be private. The Times has an article and astounding graphic. Reclaim Privacy has become a big deal and provides some neat tools to check your privacy settings. danah boyd’s excellent rant.

Top Tech Trends at PLA

I was fortunate to participate in PLA’s very first Top Tech Trends panel last week. I had a marvelous time and enjoyed the heck out of my fellow panelists. Tradition dictates that I post my trend here, so here it is: Generally speaking, when we’re talking about trends, we’re not talking about the digital divide. […]

Guest Post: Building Local Economies, One Library at a Time

CT librarian extraordinaire Jaime Hammond is a local treasure. In addition to her work as a Reference and Serials Librarian at Naugatuck Valley Community College, she is the Membership Chair of the Connecticut Library Association and one of the Conference Committee co-chairs for this year’s CLA conference. Jaime is making libraries better and she’s improving […]

On stereotypes and the echo chamber

I believe I’ve found a marginally useful purpose for spam comments. While removing ads for various pharmaceuticals or warnings about the dangers of live blogging (no, really), I occasionally glance back over an old post or two. While this is often a little painful, I’ve found myself returning to this post about cultural self-awareness regularly […]


If you’ve ever met me in real life (or read a few of my tweets), you’ve likely heard about my dog. I like to work my dog into my presentations. And I like to tell goofy Cooper stories. But watching my dog is often an object lesson in behavior and adaptation. He’s not the brightest […]

Callooh! Callay! It’s Evergreen day!

Today was a big day in Connecticut! The Beacon Falls Public Library became the first public library in the state to go live with an open source ILS. The Douglas Library of Hebron will go live on Monday. I spent the day at Beacon Falls watching the staff there rock Evergreen and helping them get […]

Links for 3.1.2010

I have a new post at TechSource – an interview with Sarah Ludwig. Also at TechSource, an archive of a webinar I participated in a couple weeks ago. No One Knows What the F*** They’re Doing (via everyone)

Library Monsters and Lady Gaga

Yesterday, Justin the Librarian tweeted this post about loyalty and Lady Gaga. Justin, Toby Greenwalt and I started talking about a name for library fans. Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters” which helps to create a culture around Gaga fandom (including a clawed salute, evidently) and has proved to be the basis of a […]